We customize your package based on your needs.
We customize your package
based on your needs.

New Website

Start fresh. Together, let's create your vision. We have designed hundreds of websites and know what it takes to create a modern, unique design that captivates your target audience.

We have worked with over 100 types of companies. Ask us about a free 1 page website demo, to see what we can do for your business.

How much is it going to cost?

We only charge for the services you use. Rather than list fixed prices, we know every business requires something different. We build a custom package specifically with your needs in mind. 

Is there a contract?

No contracts for monthly plans or projects that are paid in full.
We do not require a contract for month-to-month maintenance plans, setting up accounts, task automation or data entry. We must get 30 days notice if you choose to cancel.

Contracts are required if your project is split into payments.
We work with you to determine how much you can afford. We expect at least 33% down to start the project, 33% to launch and 33% split into monthly payments. In addition to monthly costs to pay for the project, we charge a hosting and maintenance fee.

How long will it take to complete?

Generally speaking, a five page website would take anywhere between 1 - 4 weeks. This all depends on the client providing the materials needed to complete the project in a timely fashion.

Content, Images, Services, Products, Logins, Social Media Links, etc.

Final payment of project is due on agreed upon Goal Launch Date. Payments will be charged even if you have failed to provide what we need to do our job. We value our time as much as yours.

Who provides content for the website

It is best that the business owner writes the content because we want your voice & personality to come through to the customer. We do not write content from scratch, however, we can revise content you already have. We charge an hourly rate for this service.

Can I be involved in the design process?

Our goal is to create a design customized for your business that works. However, your customer's experience is most important to get sales.

Above design, these factors are most important:
Clean and User Friendly
Easy to Use and Find Information
Information and Call To Actions flow
Not cluttered or Too much information
Clear and Concise what you are offering
Your voice should speak through your content.

Incomplete Website

Has your developer dropped the ball? Maybe you've already spent hundreds or thousands of dollars, but you haven't seen any results. We can handle your project, even if we have to start from scratch.

No matter your experience with developers in the past, we want to show you how much customer service & quality work means to us.

What can we do about unfinished projects?

We have a few options from here.
We can start from scratch to create your vision.
This is the fastest way to get your project back on track.
Get your Website Files from your developer.
If you aren't in a contract, you can ask your developer to give you the website files so that you can continue the project. This would include:

Zip File of everything
SQL Database file
Get your Website Files from your developer.
Depending on where your website is hosted, we may be able to continue work where your previous developer finished, but we must have admin access if the website is going to stay on their server.

This is our least favorite route, because we would have to depend on others to give us the control we need to successfully launch your website.

I've spent most of my budget - what options are there?

It all depends on the complexity of your project, the overall cost and the deposit you have paid. We can create a website you're excited to share with the world, at a price you can afford. We also offer splitting payments.

I'm locked in a contract. What can we do?

We understand the frustrations when having to wait on people to finish your project. Even if you are locked in a contract, we can work with you to start your project, saving you time.

If the company you are working with hasn't kept their end of the deal, we recommend getting a lawyer involved or getting a refund through a charge back with your credit card company.

& Changes

Maintenance & Changes

Your time is valuable, so let us focus on your website so you can run your business. We regularly check your website for updates, security, errors, optimization, speed & mobile friendliness.

If you're looking for someone to periodically make changes to your website, we've got you covered. Our various monthly plans give you the power you need, priced for how much you work you need done.

What's included in maintenance?

Errors or Bug Prevention
Speed & Optimization
Mobile Responsive

What's included in website changes?

Request any image, content, form, link, blog post or section additions.
• All content must be provided by you. We do not write content.
• Any additional pages after 5 is priced separately.
• Any functional additions are charged separately, ie: Booking or Store
• We don't offer unlimited revisions or unlimited design changes.
• Any major design or theme changes are charged separately.

Monthly Reports

We gather your analytics reports and send them to you at the beginning of each month. You can use this data to see how your website is doing, and where you can improve.

See how much traffic your website receives and the keywords used to find your business. You can also see where your customers live and much more.

Why is this data so important to my business?

Imagine running your business without the tools you need to succeed. This statement shows just how important it is to review your monthly reports and improve where you can.

How can I use this information to improve my results?

By reviewing your monthly reports, we can see where your website could use improvements. Whether this means changing out keywords in your content or adding new images and videos.

We can also see where the majority of your audience finds you, so we can focus on that channel first.
Try our monthly services, 14 Days Free!
Try our monthly services,
14 Days Free!

Domain & Hosting

We handle all of your domain and hosting needs. Most hosting companies, put your website on a shared server. Not us. We ensure your website has all of the bandwidth and memory you'll need.

Have you ever gone to your website to find out it has been down for who knows how long? We know the frustrations this can cause. That is why we offer our clients 99.99% uptime,

Why should I choose your Domain or Hosting service?

We are an affordable option to give your website the Speed and Uptime it needs. We setup your domain or hosting for you and handle everything on the backend, so you can keep focused on the things you need to do for your business. 

Setup Accounts

So many things to do, where do you start? We can help you start or setup any social media accounts or google services. By having multiple social media accounts, you will have many different places where your potential customers can find you.

There are many google services that we can assist you with. Some of the most important, being your Business Google Listing, Analytics and Search Console.

We can help by setting everything up for you, so your business is ready to accept new customers as soon as this week.

What kinds of Social Media accounts can you setup?

We can create just about any social media account for you. Once created, we update your profile information so it is accurate. We attach your email to the accounts we setup, so you own and control them. Here's some examples, but we can help with many more:

What kinds of Google Services do you offer?

Business Google Listing
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Trends
Google Workspace

Why do I need a Google Business Listing?

This is basically another way that your potential target audience can find your website, contact information, reviews and even a map to your location.

Why do I need Google Analytics & Search Console?

These are what allow us to collect all sorts of data so that we can improve your website over time. There is massive amounts of data, including keywords, geolocation, where the traffic is coming from, and much more.

Automate Tasks

Save time by allowing us to automate various parts of your business. Some examples would be:
• Cron Jobs to schedule tasks on your website
• Connect Social Media Posts
• Connect Google or Facebook Reviews
• Uploading Videos to multiple websites
• Daily Tasks or Routine
• Custom Calculators, Spreadsheets or Data Entry
• Open programs, folders, files or websites

Can I connect social media reviews or posts to my website?

Yes! Wouldn't it be cool, to make your post on Instagram or Facebook one time, and see it automatically update to your website.

We can do the same type of thing for new reviews from your clients.

How can I automate parts of my business?

Do you have repetitive and predictable tasks each and every day that can be automated? Ask us about your custom needs, and we may be able to provide you with a solution that saves you hundreds of hours.

Product & Data Entry

Does your business require inputting new data or products each month? We can handle various types of data entry, specific to your business needs.

We also offer adding new Booking Services or Digital Products.

How much is it going to cost?

We charge by the hour for all product & data entry. It really depends on how in-depth your products or data are. For example, if your products have various colors, sizes or other variations, these would take longer than a simple product with just a price, image and description.

What is needed to upload new products?

You must provide all information for the products, including: Prices, Images, Descriptions, Variations, etc. 

We do not upload products without included information, however, if the products are on another website, we can manually copy them over.

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